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Using this table it is possible to calculate the projections of the game according to the following criteria

We see that Saturn Zenit score 1.4 goals, Saturn does not score. The cells O16 and N16, we see an average clogging teams. We report the average T1 and T2 and get a predicted score 2: 0.

Pokazyvat-series is how we played the last matches of the team. 1 team at home, 2 away.

Here we see that Zenit has not lost at home even once in the last 5 games and only one time was a draw. Saturn won 3 times at a party (which by the way is also very good. Good result), 1 draw and 2 defeat.

1-X-2 - shows the probability of outcomes. We see the zenith win with probability 52%.

1X and X2 - the probability of not losing. Here we see that Zenit will not lose with probability 59%.

Fora- on how many goals a team will score one more than 2. In this case, 1.5.

1H2- shows a better bet. There 1X or F1 (0).

Zab1 Zab2 and - very important cell. They show how to score team. For example Zenith: 1 match is not scored, the match scored 3 goals 2 and 1 match - 3 or more goals. Saturn: 2 games without a goal, the game 4 - 1 goal, more than 1 goal not scored once.

Total - forecast on the total. TM (3) or TB (2) that total less than 3, or total more than 2. You can use the totals 2.5. Increased risk, but increases and KEF.

So. How could I put it on this match.

- Winning Zenith.

- Winning with Zenith F (-1)

- Individual totals more than 1 Zenit

- Individual Total Saturn is less than 1 or even 0.5

- Total Total less than 3 less than 2.5 I would not dare, can be 3 goals in this match.
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