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Online service lets 2ip.Ru, producing all kinds of network test and analysis of resources in a global network. Starting from the ordinary and routine tests on the speed of your Internet connection, and heavy-duty engines CMS analysis. By passing everything else on the site at all x registered users to save the results and reports of all actions and to speed there is no need to type code inspections (CAPTCHA). Not so long ago, a new online service "2IP spy", all the details can be found at

To register online, you must have an invitation, you can buy here ...

Why register?

After registration you get an opportunity to use all services of the site. All services are available without the need to enter antispam pictures.

Everyone froze your internet connection speed is stored and displayed in the history of measurements. At any time you can view all froze when he had not been made.

The average statistics measuring speed Internet connection. Available to you the average readings, calculated on the basis of the entire history of your measurements.

Newsletter. You were one of the first to learn about new services on our website.

"2IP spy" - a new service that is available only to registered users. Want to learn more about your familiar, interlocutor, classmates, partner or any other person? Its IP address, location, ISP, which he uses the browser and operating system? All this you can find out by using the "2IP spy".

We are constantly working to improve the old and adding new services. As a registered user of our site you will be the first informed of all changes.

Therefore, we recommend that you register now.
Should you encounter any problems during the registration on the site, please kindly contact the seller beforehand to advise and solve your problem.
24.09.2020 15:13:52
пришла ссылка, перешел по ней, ввел свой почтовый ящик, вместо того, который там был указан, код приглашения был внизу, его не трогал, нажал зарегистрироваться и вуаля!
все получил, все работает, рекомендую!
01.07.2019 19:06:45
All OK!
31.01.2019 17:36:38
28.04.2015 19:44:52
Отлично!Прекрасно!Всё Очень-Хорошо!

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