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Uploaded: 30.03.2005

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- = {Description} = -


Program I-Worm.Stator.a Remover (hereinafter AntiStator or just - program) is intended to remove the virus «Stator» modification "and" belonging to a class of Internet worms.

A distinctive feature of AntiStator'a from other programs of this kind:

- Small size. Program is 100% written in Win32 assembly, which resulted in the minimum amount of executable code.

- Increased productivity. Using Win32 assembler has allowed direct access to the operating system, bypassing any auxiliary libraries or virtual machines (such msvbvm60.dll - Visual Basic Virtual Machine for MS VisualBasic6.0 or msvcr70.dll - C Runtime Library for MS VisualC ++. Net, etc. .d.) that slow down the program in several, sometimes dozens of times.

- Low system requirements. Due to high performance and execution speed of the program, it can run on machines with lower parameters.

- Advanced treatment system. Knowledge of the author of this program has allowed more thoroughly assembly approach to the problem of the treatment of the virus by examining its code, allowing to know all the features and subtleties of the process of infecting your computer. In addition, the authors explore some of the most popular programs to remove Stator'a, which, unfortunately, could not fully or correctly remove it from the system. All received data from those searches allowed to write a program that can not only treat the virus, but also to restore the system after failure of third-party products.

- = {System Requirements} = -


Software - Windows 98 / ME, Windows XP / 2000 (c administrator)

- Hard disk space: ~ 25Kb.

- Memory: ~ 3Mb.

- Processor: Intel 80386 or later.

- Video Card: SVGA, 16-bit color, 1MB or more.

- Keyboard / mouse.

- = {History} = -



Improving treatment:

- Fixed not finding some files treatment.

- Added an alternative method of treatment (overwriting files).

Processing of executable code:

- Reduced the size of the program.


Processing of the interface:

- Support of style Windows XP.

- Added auto scrolling of the report about the treatment.

Improving treatment:

- Added Registry Repair.

- Added check for administrative rights.

- Now AntiStator waits for the process of infection.

Fixed minor bugs / flaws in the work and the design of the program.


The first version of the program.
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