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Uploaded: 21.02.2005

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The program is designed to search for Trojans in executable files and removed from the analysis of the dump

(All documentation for use within the archive).

Distinctive features of the SFD are:

- Determination of the Trojan components code sequence

- Do not work with the database spyware

- Does not require frequent updates

- To find new spyware, that have not been put in a database of AV and AS

List defined spyware components:

* Summary:

! Creation registry key and set value (more infomation in full version)

! Base64 algorithm code

! Set Windows Hooks (more infomation in full version)

! Execute some files (file name in full version)

! Inject Thread into Remote Process

! Copy some files (file name in full version)

! Move some files (file name in full version)

! Check Internet Connection

! Get List of Files

! Get List of Proceses

! Get List of Modules

! Get List of Threads

! Open network socket

- Connect to <> port (protocol ex. SMTP, HTTP)

- BackDoor to <> port

- Send some data (list of data in full version)

- Receive some data (list of data in full version)

* Personal Information:

- The Bat! Information

- Trillian Information

- Becky! Information

- Information from win.ini (more infomation in full version)

- Information from system.ini (more infomation in full version)

- Information from protected storage

- Far Manager FTP Information

- WebMoney Information

- Miranda Information

- Opera Information

- & RQ Information

- Outlook Information

- Dialup Passwords (Windows NT)

- Dialup Passwords (Windows 9x)

- System Directory

- Computer Name

- User Name

- Hardware Information (more infomation in full version)

- E-Dialer Information

- Mirabilis Information

- CuteFTP Information

- WS FTP Information

- Windows FireWall Information

(Information: ID, Login, Password, Mail Server, etc.)

- = Demo = - (looking for support to continue)

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