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Content: screen.rar (282.67 KB)
Uploaded: 30.08.2002

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The program, which is offered to you for sale, provides the ability to create your own screen saver by the editor of Microsoft PowerPoint.

To create your own screen saver necessary skills to work in an environment Microsoft PowerPoint (application of standard Microsoft Office). In fact, your screen saver - a presentation PowerPoint. Moreover, all the effects that you make through the editor PowerPoint, in the "Slide Show" will be displayed as a screen saver after a preset time interval.

Note: for your screensaver always need to have PowerPoint.

After payment You get an archive file (RAR), which contain 3 files:

[My zastavka.scr], [Shymkent.pps], [ReadMe.txt]

[My zastavka.scr] - a program that nastarivaetsya in the properties screen for the subsequent automatic start-saver file (file [Shymkent.pps]);

[Shymkent.pps] - presentation of PowerPoint, you will be self-edit (an example of a screen saver);

[ReadMe.txt] - a text file, which briefly describes the principles of editing and setup screen.
If you can not work with PowerPoint or PowerPoint on your computer is not set, then you should not buy this program!

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